Monday, November 9, 2015


I don't know about y'all, but I'm COLD!!!!   Ok, I get no sympathy from everyone, but 55 degrees in Northern California is chilly!!!  Plus, it's been raining (yeah, I know CA needs rain... Whatever....) which makes it even colder,
I have a bunch of bisque ware to glaze, but my "studio" is outside!!!   Guess I'm a bit of a wuss, but it's difficult to glaze in pouring-ass (technical term) rain and 100% humidity.  Ok, I admit it, I'm a pottery-weenie.     'Whine'.....

I PROMISE....  More to come......  Soon!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Goin' like 60!

It's been a really busy September so far.  I am fortunate to get my work in a new gallery, Placerville Art Gallery!  But that also means I need enough pots for them AND my weekly farmer's markets.  So, been workin' my tushy off.  The weather is still warm here, a few days have been in the triple digits this month, but now we're back into the mid-low 90's with a promise of the 80's!!!!!  Hey, that's throwin' weather!!

I did a glaze fire last night, and so anxious to pop the lid!  But I'm usually a good girl, and will wait 'till the temp says so.  So, today is clean up after the whirlwind glazing, and if I have time, maybe even get back to my wheel today.  'Cause you know, as soon as those pots come out, there's picture-taking, inventory, pricing, all the necessary evils.  Throwing will be delayed.

Here are a few recent pieces...

Kitty plate

Another Kitty plate

Happy Bunny
Teapot and yunomis
Owl Mugs
Owl box
Blue bowls
Brown bowls

Fun stuff.  Lots more to photograph as soon as, well, that darned kiln cools down!!

Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm pleased with my recent kiln load, only one small glaze drip that needs to be hammered off (or it'll slice my hand open...again).  I made another dog food bowl for Jim and Lois (Farmers Market organizers, super folks!).  Of ALL the stuff in the kiln, that was the one I was anxious to see.

It looks great, except...

There's a small crack above the right eye.  Goes all the way through!!  So, I gave it to them, no charge.  

I've been getting more cracks than usual lately, a reminder to keep it thin, and consistent.  Clay is pretty forgiving, as long as you play by the rules.  I got my hand slapped, I learned my lesson.

So, back to my wheel.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sometimes things just get so crazy.  I had a really beautiful bunch of stuff from my last glaze firing, but was SO low on inventory I just packed it up to sell.  No photos!  :(

So, back in the saddle, throwing stuff.  And, as I get enough fun stuff to fill a kiln, here are a few pics of stuff waiting!

Actually, top shelf has already been bisqued, just not glaze-fired.

Batter bowls

Garlic stuff!

So, now I'm headed back outside to throw more bowls for the upcoming Empty Bowls this fall.  I want to donate as many as I can, I'm shooting for 10 bowls this year.

Oh, I took an awesome class this past Saturday at Alpha Fired Arts!  Painting with Amaco Velvet Underglazes.  I didn't know you can water this stuff down a bit and use like watercolor!  Layering colors...very cool stuff.  In fact, in the top pic, you can see a vase with some of my "experimental" layering.  Anxious to see how it turns out!

Keep Calm and Throw Stuff!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I was at the weekly Farmers Market selling my wares.  And, with a forecast of 107 degrees, I'm amazed anyone showed up!  (including me )  But there was a fair crowd, a special order got picked up, and there was a slight breeze.

Here are some pics of my recent firing, no major catastrophe.

Soap dish

Salsa/condiment  holder

Another Condiments bowl, I love the glaze!

Stopperless Salt Shakers

Wave Mug

Tortoise mug - special order  

There's a lot more stuff, but it's dinner time for this 'ol gal.  TTFN!!

(That's "Ta-Ta For Now!")    ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eyes "glazed" over......

I think everyone has their own favorite part of the whole pottery-making process.  And,of course, their least favorite.  The glazing process, picture-taking, inventorying, pricing, and posting to the web is my least favorite.  Just give me a bag of clay, a wheel, and I'm a happy camper.

I did have some fun today.  With the new "Minion" movie out, I decided to make my favorite Minion.      I didn't have any purple glaze, so I had to do some "creative" mixing.  Here he is, waiting to be fired.

We'll see how it goes.

Also did a dog food bowl for a friend.
This is inside the bowl,

And this is around the rim outside.

We'll see how it looks after the glaze firing!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Decent day

Farmers Market yesterday,  in South Lake Tahoe.   First market of the season up there, but pretty good.  I did sell out of a few things, so today was throwing.

I did have a really slow day last Wednesday,  so I drew the scene from my booth.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Big girl panties....

So I challenged myself yesterday.   Typically, my "comfort zone" when it comes to throwing is up to 2 or 2 1/2 lbs of clay.  Yeah, I'm a wuss.  Yesterday, I pulled up those big girl panties, wedged up a 3 lb and a 5 lb hunk of clay.  And, by golly, when all was done, I had 2 nice big bowls.  I covered them up, and anxious to trim them.

Trimming time.  Everything was on the dry side of leather hard.  Carefully putting the 3 lb bowl on my trusty Griffin Grip, I trimmed a beautiful foot.  As I lifted it up to put on the shelf,  I heard that sound.  You know, of dry clay cracking.


Everything else went smoothly.

So, try again another day.

Lesson to self.  Trim before rims get too dry.  Duh......

Friday, May 8, 2015

Well, I'm excited!

I recently opened my Etsy shop, and got my first sale today!!!  Ok, ok, I'm easily excited.  It was for one of my favorite things to make, hand-illustrated plates.  Like combining the best of both worlds, potter and drawing.

Seems like I've drawn all my life and just recently took up pottery.  So, without further ado, my very first sale!!!

Just a happy little bunny enjoying Spring.  I can relate!

So, now the packing.  Wow, I pack my stuff each week (several times) as I do local farmer's markets.  But to go in the mail!!??  "Gulp!"  Ok, I'll probably over pack, but that's ok.  Plus, I have a bunch of mugs special ordered by a dear friend who's a Chicago Blackhawks (hockey) fan.  "Double Gulp!"

Keeping my fingers crossed everything arrives safely.

But, if it doesn't, I can always make another one, right??

And if you're interested in any of my other illustrated plates, or even my other stuff, check out my Etsy shop...


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Headaches and backaches

I wonder why I get headaches and backaches when I work at my computer?  Yet, wedging clay, hauling the 50lb. boxes, throwing, and all that makes me feel great!!  Geez, whadda ya think??  ;)

So, I finally sat down and posted a bunch of new stuff on my Etsy page.  Yeah, this is not from my most recent firing, but the LAST one.  Ya know, photographing, weighing, measuring, thinking up something to describe, on and on and on......   Just takes time I COULD be out throwing!

Just saying.....

Ok, I've had my rant, I feel much better.

I'd appreciate you taking a gander.  Since I'm new to all this stuff, I'd surely appreciate feedback, especially what I could be doing better.

In other news....

Ok, so I'll be hitting the big "six-oh" next month.  No biggie.  But the real news is that I have TMJ, and am getting  ...hold on....   BRACES.   Yuk, yuk, yuk !!!!!!   C'mon, been there did that.  Now I gotta do it again.  'sigh' rest for the wicked, I guess.

Hey, to my potter friends out there.  My first love has always been drawing (until I met clay) and I'd love to draw pics on my stuff.  Question.  Do I lay down a layer of glaze and draw with underglazes on top of that??  Or do I draw with my underglazes, and carefully put background glaze around?
What do y'all suggest??  Thanks!!!  Hope you're having a great weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2015

First of the Season!

Show season is upon us, and here's my first...

Hope to see you there!!  :D

Monday, April 20, 2015

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy...."

Ok, not summertime yet.  But in the 80's here yesterday.  "Brown - Thumb Sherri" as I'm known around these parts, has a few happy plants!

The last pic is a Meyers Lemon who has defied all my efforts to kill it.  And, next to it is some Walla Walla Sweets, the BEST onions.  

Been getting my "inventory" in line.  I dunno, feels weird to say "my inventory".   But I'm allowed, since it seems every flat surface in the house is covered with pots, glaze recipes, glaze books, and all sorts of pottery paraphernalia. 

Finished a bisque firing today, tomorrow the glazing begins.  Here's what I got waiting...

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Go figure!!

Ok, yesterday the sky opened and I thought we were set for a bunch of nasty weather.  Today, it's all blue sky and boofy clouds.  You know, the happy clouds.

So, I got stuff done.  I'd been wanting to try "chattering".  Previous attempts were not very chattery.  But, today was the day.  So, here are my efforts of today.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bisque - ing Blackhawks

Got a special order from a special friend.  He's a Chicago Blackhawks fan, and he wants some beer mugs with their logo.  So, I made a stamp of the logo, and fired it.

Which broke after 3 uses, but by golly, it didn't stop me!!  I got 3 more good stamps out of it, and could probably do more!
So here's the lineup...

They'll soon be bisqued, then glazed and fired again.  Just gotta make sure I have a full kiln, don'tcha know!  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Hitch in my Get-along...

I made a promise to myself to post more.  Between computer, tablet, and smartphone, seems like I could spend all day just surfing.  (ok, I know, I'm a closet geek too)

The kiln was unloaded and I haven't posted any pics!!  The last week I haven't gotten out to my wheel, and I feel like I got a hitch in my get-along!!  Sigh.....

Instead, I've been navigating the jungle of stuff to get an Etsy shop, take pics, figure out shipping (aarrgghh!!!), and write descriptions.
(If you're interested,
Oh yeah, organize my pots so I know where everything is IF someone buys something.  I haven't even gotten around to getting boxes, peanuts, and such.  I really need minions.

See, I'm getting at an 'ahem' age where doing all the Farmer's Markets 3-4 times a week from May to November is a bit much.  So, how else to see my work?  Etsy.  Or shlep it around to local galleries, etc.  Probably a combination of the lot.  Anyway, just so you know I have been up to something, here's a few pics...

My Dragon Teapot

Kitty Mugs

Garlic Keeper

Honey Pot

Mongo Mug...  holds 28 oz!  That's a lotta beer!

Heart bowl

Owl Mugs

Candle holder/Luminary

There is more, but I have more pictures to take and my darned camera battery is dead...again!  Oy!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

OMG!!! There be DRAGONS!!

Well, got my dragon out of the kiln, and he looks pretty good.


I saw this baby and my jaw dropped..  Check it out!!~

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Teapots and dragons

Been up to no good, as usual.  And, to my "tender sensibilities", it has been darn cold!  I know, nothing like most of the country,  but still...... ("whine").

The local pottery store, Alpha Fired Arts, is having a Teapot Show.  Since I just threw a couple of teapots (my very first, thank you very much!)I thought I'd enter.  But they are small and non-descript.  Then, I was thinking of the Dragon Teapot I made a couple years ago.  Heck, I could just whip out another!!

Ha.  Here are a few pics in progress


Still a lot of work to do, but he's coming along.  He's kinda goofy looking, I'm thinking of calling him Spud.  Whadda ya think?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kiln opening!

Yay!  Always so exciting when those last few degrees slip away and I can finally unload the Beast.  I really gotta come with a better name for my kiln...Bertha?   Nawww....
So, here's a shot.

Now to sand bottoms, add to inventory, photograph, price, and pack.  Whew!

And, start all over again!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm not a football fan, really!!

Ok, so the Seahawks lost.  When I first started cheering for the 'Hawks, they'd only been around for a couple of years.  (1980). Then, for many years, they were a bit of a joke.  But, I still cheered them on.  So, the past 2 years have been like a dream!!  They have an awesome team, a seasoned coach, and a city rabid for a win.  What else could you want??
Last year was a dream come true.  This year?  Well, the last 2 minutes, a rollercoaster.  But we have next year, Superbowl 50, in Santa Clara(tbd).  May the best team win!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

bowls, bowls, bowls, bowls.....

I'm going to participate in Empty Bowls this year, and am cranking the bowls out.

But, I've been wanting to try making a lidded box the way I saw on a Bill van Gilder video:    Making pots with lids is not my forte, and any other way to make a pot with a well-fitting lid sounds pretty dandy to me.   I'd tried this way once about a year ago, but it didn't quite work out.  So, today I was determined.

I'd watched the video a few weeks ago, no problem! I can do that!!
BIG problem!  The steps kinda got tangled up in my mind.  I now have a dopey little bowl sans lid.  'sigh'

I came back into the house and re-watched the darned video.  Ah HA!  A couple of minor flaws in my process.  So, I marched back outside and I "think" I got it right.  It's still pretty wet, I'll post a pic tomorrow.

So, I then threw a couple of pitchers and some more bowls and called it a day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Finally got enough greenware completed to fill my kiln.  There are times I think I should've bought a smaller kiln, but I intend to grow into "Killer".

ANYWAY...Finally did a bisque firing, then waited around cleaning anything I could get my hands on, until that magic moment..kiln opening!

The first thing I see is tiny shards of clay.  Then, the biggest bowl I'd ever thrown in  my life blown to pieces!  WHAT?!?, then some sailor words.    After cooling down, I realized I'd set a smaller bowl inside the big one, and it was the little one that blew.  It's been really humid, and I'd brought a lot on pieces inside to dry.  But several pieces were left outside on my shelves to dry, and I think the small bowl was one.  Another downside to having an "outside" studio, no way to really dry stuff.

But, if you look at the bright side, the big bowl contained the blast.  Nothing else was harmed.  So, I  unloaded everything and cleaned up the mess.

Maybe 'Killer' was watching over me?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Workin' and playin' (?)

When the weather in nice enough to go out and throw (no film of ice on my water bucket) I kinda get pissy when someone else wants me to somewhere with them.

Son Sean decided to return the too-small jacket he got for Christmas this past Friday.
And it was a gorgeous day!  I DID NOT want to spend time in a stinky old mall while he returned it and shopped for a new one!  And, since I'm "mom", I apparently know nothing, especially in the  advice-giving department.   Anyway,  3 hours later we left said stinky mall.  By the time we arrived home, the sun was setting on my beautiful day.  Snarl...

Saturday looked to be another beauty!  But DH decided we needed to go to Costco.  So you KNOW by the time we got home AND unpacked, the sun had set on another day.

So, today, it was me, the wheel, the clay,  and the Classic Rock station!  The Stones, Led Zep, and Creedence made up for it all!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some work, finally!

Yesterday was huge for me.  Literally.  A good friend asked for a ginormous mug.  Bigger than any I'd ever done.  Now, to me, a mug is 1 1/2 to 2 lbs of clay, which is beer stein-size to me.  So here it is, with other stuff.

More like large vase size!  But I bet she'll love it!  The one on the right is a beer stein, and in the middle was my first attempt at a really big mug.  The monster on the left is 8" tall.  Oy VEY!!

I'm starting to accumulate greenware, hoping to fire soon.  
Here's a couple more pics of stuff waiting to get fired.  

Probably by the end of the week I'll have enough for a full load, or even early next week...depending on how the weather holds.  We've had really nice weather lately, it's a pain when the rain or wind (or both) start up.  Ick, ick, ick!