Tuesday, March 8, 2011

so when's it gonna happen!?!!?

Hi all,
I'm pretty excited. We made an offer on a house, and it was accepted. Now, comes the hard part...waiting for all the paperwork to clear, the appraisals, agreements, and agreements to the agreements. So, if we're lucky (and When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars) we might just close on March 18th. Here are some images.

So, what that now means, is we have a ton of stuff to sort through, and get rid of. OMG. I've always known I have a tendency to accumulate stuff (hey, ya never know when you might need all that stuff!!) but between Sean, DH and myself, Oy VEY!! It's exhausting!! Physically, emotionally, and every other way. For me, the hardest tasks will be memorabilia (ooh, ooh, I picked up that rock in '77 on the Oregon Coast!!) the art supplies (Now, why would I want to get rid of that dried up old watercolor paint??) and of course, the books.

I love to read, and up until this past Christmas, bought a ton of books. DH bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and bless his heart, I still buy a ton of books, but they all fit on one little device!! Talk about your green solutions!! Some of the books are cheap (free) and some aren't. But it also meets another of my needs, instant gratification. If I want a book, I instantly download it, it's charged to my account, and off I go to snuggle down on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. Ah well, it IS just that easy. Almost too easy......

Here's another video on YouTube that's cute and fast. If you're interested in making a pop-up card.....

hmmm... I have a newly-downloaded book calling my name........