Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok, up to date

It's a beautiful day out, too nice to work.  So, I got out the journal and worked.

We get a delightful catalog - Dr.s Foster and Smith - for everything pertaining to pets.  And they have the best photos.  So, I periodically go thru and cut out the ones I like and paste in my journal at random.  Today happened to be on the lab puppies page.  :D

Hope you enjoy 'em!

Day 2 AND 3

Ok, so it took me more than one day to finish.  Not sure if it counts, but oh well.

We went to see "Avatar 3-D" in the theatre, and was blown away.  It was SPECTACULAR!  So, when it became available on BluRay, we had to get it.  On the smaller screen, it was easier to follow the story and take in the entire thing, and it was just as cool.

So of course, I had to draw Neytiri.  :)  My poor little journal's pages started to reject the amount of graphite.  Oh well, hope you like her!

Ok, NOW I've done it!

I've gone and committed to a few things. 

1) Flying up to help Mom clean out the family room and have the "Mother of all Garage Sales". Should be "interesting". She even said (albeit jokingly) that she might even buy a computer with the money she makes off the garage sale. Hmm.. should I hold her to that?? :D

2) Every year the Yahoo group to which I subscribe does an "Everyday in May" drawing challenge. I did it last year, and I enjoyed it. So, here I go, once again!! 
3) Since discovering I have lupus, I've been watching the national lupus site, and found they are throwing a big walk next October. So I've signed up. Actually sounds like fun... 3 mile walk around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on October 24. If you're interested, you can support me and learn more at my walk website..http://donate.lupus.org/site/TR?px=2022409&fr_id=1370&pg=personal or click on the image