Friday, May 29, 2015

Big girl panties....

So I challenged myself yesterday.   Typically, my "comfort zone" when it comes to throwing is up to 2 or 2 1/2 lbs of clay.  Yeah, I'm a wuss.  Yesterday, I pulled up those big girl panties, wedged up a 3 lb and a 5 lb hunk of clay.  And, by golly, when all was done, I had 2 nice big bowls.  I covered them up, and anxious to trim them.

Trimming time.  Everything was on the dry side of leather hard.  Carefully putting the 3 lb bowl on my trusty Griffin Grip, I trimmed a beautiful foot.  As I lifted it up to put on the shelf,  I heard that sound.  You know, of dry clay cracking.


Everything else went smoothly.

So, try again another day.

Lesson to self.  Trim before rims get too dry.  Duh......

Friday, May 8, 2015

Well, I'm excited!

I recently opened my Etsy shop, and got my first sale today!!!  Ok, ok, I'm easily excited.  It was for one of my favorite things to make, hand-illustrated plates.  Like combining the best of both worlds, potter and drawing.

Seems like I've drawn all my life and just recently took up pottery.  So, without further ado, my very first sale!!!

Just a happy little bunny enjoying Spring.  I can relate!

So, now the packing.  Wow, I pack my stuff each week (several times) as I do local farmer's markets.  But to go in the mail!!??  "Gulp!"  Ok, I'll probably over pack, but that's ok.  Plus, I have a bunch of mugs special ordered by a dear friend who's a Chicago Blackhawks (hockey) fan.  "Double Gulp!"

Keeping my fingers crossed everything arrives safely.

But, if it doesn't, I can always make another one, right??

And if you're interested in any of my other illustrated plates, or even my other stuff, check out my Etsy shop...