Sunday, April 26, 2015

Headaches and backaches

I wonder why I get headaches and backaches when I work at my computer?  Yet, wedging clay, hauling the 50lb. boxes, throwing, and all that makes me feel great!!  Geez, whadda ya think??  ;)

So, I finally sat down and posted a bunch of new stuff on my Etsy page.  Yeah, this is not from my most recent firing, but the LAST one.  Ya know, photographing, weighing, measuring, thinking up something to describe, on and on and on......   Just takes time I COULD be out throwing!

Just saying.....

Ok, I've had my rant, I feel much better.

I'd appreciate you taking a gander.  Since I'm new to all this stuff, I'd surely appreciate feedback, especially what I could be doing better.

In other news....

Ok, so I'll be hitting the big "six-oh" next month.  No biggie.  But the real news is that I have TMJ, and am getting  ...hold on....   BRACES.   Yuk, yuk, yuk !!!!!!   C'mon, been there did that.  Now I gotta do it again.  'sigh' rest for the wicked, I guess.

Hey, to my potter friends out there.  My first love has always been drawing (until I met clay) and I'd love to draw pics on my stuff.  Question.  Do I lay down a layer of glaze and draw with underglazes on top of that??  Or do I draw with my underglazes, and carefully put background glaze around?
What do y'all suggest??  Thanks!!!  Hope you're having a great weekend.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

a) I have TMJ too....
b) awesome work, keep it up!
c) I draw on bisque then put clear glaze over, the rest of the pot is glazed in a color-you could also, of course, draw on bisque, brush over clear, then wax, then dip the whole thing in a colored glaze
d) I also brush some underglazes straight to raw pots sometimes
e) 60!

Cynthia Bowers said...

I can completely sympathize where you're coming from. For the longest time, I was suffering from headaches and backaches at work too. After all, we're looking at a computer for hours on end every single day. It's only natural. Thankfully, I went to my doctor and he was able to give me some tips to help. Maybe you should try doing that.

Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center