Thursday, October 30, 2008


What is it about Halloween we all love so much? Being a chocoholic, first thing that obviously comes to mind is candy. But there's so much more.

For me, it's always marked the beginning of the "holiday" season. From here out, it's a mad rush to get ready. Put up Halloween decorations, take 'em down. Put up Thanksgiving decorations, take 'em down. Put up Christmas decorations, (nag DH to put up outside lights), take 'em down.

I tried to forgo all this madness last year, focusing more on the meaning of each holiday. And it was very nice. No last minute running to the store for more whatever. No decorations. (OK, maybe a few...) And spending more happy time with family. What a huge relief!

But tradition is a funny thing. It gets into you at a very early age, and becomes almost like a drug. If you don't do a certain thing the same way, there's a weird feeling that creeps into your peripheral vision, like a ghost, whispering that something's missing.

So, as much as I grouse about the number of lights and ornaments I "have" to put on the tree, all the food that we make/eat, all the deadlines to be met, I might honor my personal traditions again this year.

But not as extreme as in past years. Just to keep those "whispers" away.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rockin' out to Steely Dan...

...and updating my ancient Flickr account. You can take a gander by clicking here. I just uploaded photos of journals/sketchbooks I've recently made. Sometimes I like different sizes or papers, so I've learned to make my own.

I haven't scanned any drawings in ages, and hope to get to that soon. So much to do...

Today began quite foggy.. a day for hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers. But the sun had other things in mind. By 10:00, the fog started to allow huge chunks of sun through, and by noon the sky was the most exquisite blue!! After some recent rain, everything had a fresh-scrubbed look to it, more like spring that fall. I took Travis (my chocolate Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever) for a walk, and it was gorgeous. He seemed to enjoy the day..bouncing around like Tigger!

Ah, but it's time for dinner... hope you had a great day!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is it REALLY October??

My calendar "says" it's time to get the sweaters and jeans out of storage, and to pack up the shorts and t-shirts. But it was almost 100 degrees here yesterday...

I live in Northern California, and it's been just too hot for me this summer. Seems like everyone is SO ready for Fall... just wish it'd hurry up.

Ok, enough grousing. I'm new to blogging... (sounds like something computer engineers do with a cat o' nine tails).

A little about me, though I think this all probably belongs somewhere else. I'm married to one of those computer engineers who turns out to be a real sweetie, and we have a pretty cool 14 year old boy.

I am a web designer who, because of getting "redeployed" a year ago, has struck out on her own. And I'm an artist. There's a lot of debate as to what the definition of an artist is, but I think it's for each person to decide. I think after I get a few drawings posted, you might disagree with me.

I've just joined the moly_x_portrait3 group, and needed a place to post the pics I do. So here I go... nothing yet, but soon.

Please be gentle.