Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Finally got enough greenware completed to fill my kiln.  There are times I think I should've bought a smaller kiln, but I intend to grow into "Killer".

ANYWAY...Finally did a bisque firing, then waited around cleaning anything I could get my hands on, until that magic moment..kiln opening!

The first thing I see is tiny shards of clay.  Then, the biggest bowl I'd ever thrown in  my life blown to pieces!  WHAT?!?, then some sailor words.    After cooling down, I realized I'd set a smaller bowl inside the big one, and it was the little one that blew.  It's been really humid, and I'd brought a lot on pieces inside to dry.  But several pieces were left outside on my shelves to dry, and I think the small bowl was one.  Another downside to having an "outside" studio, no way to really dry stuff.

But, if you look at the bright side, the big bowl contained the blast.  Nothing else was harmed.  So, I  unloaded everything and cleaned up the mess.

Maybe 'Killer' was watching over me?

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH DARN. I have found that you really have to give many many hours of low power before going up in temps on a bisque, even if you think it is all dry. Basically, though, that is pottery: things can break at every stage of the making and then it can even come out of the kiln PERFECT...and you drop it...or bury it in the ground and it will be good as new in 2000 years :)