Sunday, January 11, 2015

Workin' and playin' (?)

When the weather in nice enough to go out and throw (no film of ice on my water bucket) I kinda get pissy when someone else wants me to somewhere with them.

Son Sean decided to return the too-small jacket he got for Christmas this past Friday.
And it was a gorgeous day!  I DID NOT want to spend time in a stinky old mall while he returned it and shopped for a new one!  And, since I'm "mom", I apparently know nothing, especially in the  advice-giving department.   Anyway,  3 hours later we left said stinky mall.  By the time we arrived home, the sun was setting on my beautiful day.  Snarl...

Saturday looked to be another beauty!  But DH decided we needed to go to Costco.  So you KNOW by the time we got home AND unpacked, the sun had set on another day.

So, today, it was me, the wheel, the clay,  and the Classic Rock station!  The Stones, Led Zep, and Creedence made up for it all!


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