Sunday, September 27, 2015

Goin' like 60!

It's been a really busy September so far.  I am fortunate to get my work in a new gallery, Placerville Art Gallery!  But that also means I need enough pots for them AND my weekly farmer's markets.  So, been workin' my tushy off.  The weather is still warm here, a few days have been in the triple digits this month, but now we're back into the mid-low 90's with a promise of the 80's!!!!!  Hey, that's throwin' weather!!

I did a glaze fire last night, and so anxious to pop the lid!  But I'm usually a good girl, and will wait 'till the temp says so.  So, today is clean up after the whirlwind glazing, and if I have time, maybe even get back to my wheel today.  'Cause you know, as soon as those pots come out, there's picture-taking, inventory, pricing, all the necessary evils.  Throwing will be delayed.

Here are a few recent pieces...

Kitty plate

Another Kitty plate

Happy Bunny
Teapot and yunomis
Owl Mugs
Owl box
Blue bowls
Brown bowls

Fun stuff.  Lots more to photograph as soon as, well, that darned kiln cools down!!

Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm pleased with my recent kiln load, only one small glaze drip that needs to be hammered off (or it'll slice my hand open...again).  I made another dog food bowl for Jim and Lois (Farmers Market organizers, super folks!).  Of ALL the stuff in the kiln, that was the one I was anxious to see.

It looks great, except...

There's a small crack above the right eye.  Goes all the way through!!  So, I gave it to them, no charge.  

I've been getting more cracks than usual lately, a reminder to keep it thin, and consistent.  Clay is pretty forgiving, as long as you play by the rules.  I got my hand slapped, I learned my lesson.

So, back to my wheel.