Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pixels, Pencils, Paint and Photoshop

Since in my "other" life I'm a web designer, I'm always looking for cool techniques for web pages.  In the past, finding a relatively easy way to make gold text was, well, difficult.

Until now.

Check out this online tutorial from Deke McClelland.  He's a master Photoshop guru.  :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Writing Thank-yous

We're finally getting to our Christmas thank-yous....  Mom gave Mike one of my Dad's rings, one he wore all the time and my favorite.  We just got it back from being re-sized, and it looks pretty good!!

I may just have to draw this...  :D

Anyway, I did some Photoshopping to it, and got it to the right size so it would fit in the little "thank-you" card envelope, and it's all ready to go!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


After using Dreamweaver for, well, years I am taking some classes.  I won a 1-month subscription to the online Lynda.com site in December and was I impressed!!  I've known about that site, again for years, but always thought it was a tad bit pricey.  Of coures, I was looking at the per year price, and didn't consider the month-by-month rate.  

So, in January I decided to shell out the $37.50 for a one-month subscription (I know, not going to break the bank here) which includes unlimited classes for one month PLUS all the Exercise files.  Yee HA!!

When I started in December, I took the Dreamweaver and Wordpress class.  Awesome!!  I also got the "Build your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes" from Sitepoint.  So the combination are terrific.

But, I realized that there was so much to Dreamweaver I didn't know!  So now I'm taking the Dreamweaver Basics class.  One of my all-time pet-peeves is folks thinking they can do web pages without learning basic HTML and CSS.  So, in support of this......

Learning web design

View this entire Dreamweaver course and more in the lynda.com Online Training Library®.

No, I'm not affiliated in any way with Lynda.com.  :)

Hope you have a terrific day...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Current project

I've decided I need to get back into journaling.  But I haven't been doing a lot of art lately, and am a bit rusty.  So, to get the juices flowing, I've joined a Journaling workshop, the Strathmore Online Artist Journal Workshop 

And, here's my flickr site with the first week uploaded.   More to come!!