Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Hitch in my Get-along...

I made a promise to myself to post more.  Between computer, tablet, and smartphone, seems like I could spend all day just surfing.  (ok, I know, I'm a closet geek too)

The kiln was unloaded and I haven't posted any pics!!  The last week I haven't gotten out to my wheel, and I feel like I got a hitch in my get-along!!  Sigh.....

Instead, I've been navigating the jungle of stuff to get an Etsy shop, take pics, figure out shipping (aarrgghh!!!), and write descriptions.
(If you're interested,
Oh yeah, organize my pots so I know where everything is IF someone buys something.  I haven't even gotten around to getting boxes, peanuts, and such.  I really need minions.

See, I'm getting at an 'ahem' age where doing all the Farmer's Markets 3-4 times a week from May to November is a bit much.  So, how else to see my work?  Etsy.  Or shlep it around to local galleries, etc.  Probably a combination of the lot.  Anyway, just so you know I have been up to something, here's a few pics...

My Dragon Teapot

Kitty Mugs

Garlic Keeper

Honey Pot

Mongo Mug...  holds 28 oz!  That's a lotta beer!

Heart bowl

Owl Mugs

Candle holder/Luminary

There is more, but I have more pictures to take and my darned camera battery is dead...again!  Oy!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

OMG!!! There be DRAGONS!!

Well, got my dragon out of the kiln, and he looks pretty good.


I saw this baby and my jaw dropped..  Check it out!!~

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Teapots and dragons

Been up to no good, as usual.  And, to my "tender sensibilities", it has been darn cold!  I know, nothing like most of the country,  but still...... ("whine").

The local pottery store, Alpha Fired Arts, is having a Teapot Show.  Since I just threw a couple of teapots (my very first, thank you very much!)I thought I'd enter.  But they are small and non-descript.  Then, I was thinking of the Dragon Teapot I made a couple years ago.  Heck, I could just whip out another!!

Ha.  Here are a few pics in progress


Still a lot of work to do, but he's coming along.  He's kinda goofy looking, I'm thinking of calling him Spud.  Whadda ya think?