Sunday, October 20, 2013

Xantil, a incense 'censer' from pre-1500s

Ok, he's only 'green-ware', and hasn't been fired yet.  He's hollow all the way up, so incense burnt inside can waft out the top, his mouth, and holes on his tummy.  I even ordered the right kind of incense, stuff called 'copal'.  It's an aromatic tree resin.  We'll see....
All I have to do now is make a little dish to sit inside.

Clay Sculpture class, Fall 2013

I love taking art classes, and decided to 'stretch' myself a bit.  This is a beginning class (no pre-requisites), so my work is pretty 'beginning'.  :D

This assignment was to be an architectural piece, based on the Anasazi peoples.  They built their homes in defensible cliffs in the "Four Corners" area of the US.  Between 1250 and 1400 AD, they left their cliff villages.  Two separate periods of drought that lasted for many years each seem to be a major contributor for the people to leave.   These cliff dwellings can still be seen today in several places, such as the Mesa Verde National Park.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fancy Sneaks

Just thought I'd post a couple of pics of my latest Fancy Sneakers.  They were a request by Barb for the library benefit.
They were a lot of fun to make!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ah, Summertime!

Been a while since I've posted anything.
So, here's what happened since last April...

  • Robotics team won the Regional Competition at UC Davis AGAIN!!
  • Which meant we went to St. Louis AGAIN.  Didn't win there, but what a very cool experience.
  • My Mom came to visit in May, and we had great fun with her!  She's a very cool Mom, I have been a very lucky person!
  • Sean graduated high school.  Yay!
  • Peach, our cat, got "pissy" with me, and bit my hand.  The sucker swelled up like a balloon, and I spent 3 days in the hospital with a couple of cute male nurses and some delightful drugs.
  • Mike got promoted to a new job, and I think he's very happy about it.  Yay!!  He's now working in the same group of a good friend of ours, Larry.  
  • Terra and her 3 kids, as well as Sabine, Timo and their 2 kids came to visit Bill and Vittie.  We had them all over for dinner.  That was 13 folks.  WOW!
  • Sean got a job at the local Sizzler, and he seems to really like it.  :D  Good for him!
  • It's been freakin' hot here, but now FINALLY cooling down a bit.  
Well, that's the highlights.  I know there's been a lot more stuff, but this ol' brain of mine isn't firing on all cylinders right at the moment.  Wait 'till I finish my coffee!!  ;)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

what's going on?

Boy, I had intended on making art every day.  Pledged to do it.  Fully intended to do it.

Then I got sick.  A doozy...  no gory details, just suffice it to say I've been 'ahem' indisposed.

So, got all my paper cut and folded for my journal, bought some sweet leather remnants just the right size for the cover, and finally found the right clasp right here in town.  I go pick it up on Saturday.

So, I've been busy.  Sick, but getting things done.  Slowly....  :)

I should have pics soon, just wanted to keep up to date.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Here's a sketch of our big 11-year old "puppy", Travis.  What a goof-ball.  He was just relaxing, trying to ignore our 3 cats.

I realize after I finished his snout is too short.  Trav actually looks a bit like a Great Dane with a longer snout and smaller ears.  He's cross between a Chocolate Lab and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  He's a BIG boy!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Creative Every Day

In the right column, you'll see a cute square icon that says "Creative Every Day 2013".  More than a cute icon, it's a challenge to be creative every day.  And to post about it.

If you know me, I've not always been terrific about following up on such challenges, but I've been making a lot of changes in the past year.  So...

I've been doing my "Daily 10" (writing every day in my journal for 10 minutes) and I realize I'm pretty creative in my life.  I just don't blog about all of it.  And it's not always art-related.  You might see some  unusual kinds of things, but in my mind, it's creative.

Here's today's creativity...

Yeah, doesn't look like much, but it's the first 2 signatures for my next journal.  And, it's some new paper I'm trying...Utrecht American Master's Printmaking Paper.   It's a nice weight, and should take all kinds of media (yet to test it!!).  And, since there's a Utrecht here in Sacramento, I could purchase it by the sheet.  AND it's on SALE!!!  :D

Paper is fun.  

So, the next couple of days will probably be filled with bookbinding stuff.  Thanks for bearing with me.  :D