Wednesday, January 28, 2015

bowls, bowls, bowls, bowls.....

I'm going to participate in Empty Bowls this year, and am cranking the bowls out.

But, I've been wanting to try making a lidded box the way I saw on a Bill van Gilder video:    Making pots with lids is not my forte, and any other way to make a pot with a well-fitting lid sounds pretty dandy to me.   I'd tried this way once about a year ago, but it didn't quite work out.  So, today I was determined.

I'd watched the video a few weeks ago, no problem! I can do that!!
BIG problem!  The steps kinda got tangled up in my mind.  I now have a dopey little bowl sans lid.  'sigh'

I came back into the house and re-watched the darned video.  Ah HA!  A couple of minor flaws in my process.  So, I marched back outside and I "think" I got it right.  It's still pretty wet, I'll post a pic tomorrow.

So, I then threw a couple of pitchers and some more bowls and called it a day.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Busy with bowls, like a beaver! RE: making teapots-as with many things in life, I have found that you get very fast with practice. And pound for pound, minute by minute, you can usually sell a teapot for a lot more than other pots, so it is quite profitable in the end....