Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok, up to date

It's a beautiful day out, too nice to work.  So, I got out the journal and worked.

We get a delightful catalog - Dr.s Foster and Smith - for everything pertaining to pets.  And they have the best photos.  So, I periodically go thru and cut out the ones I like and paste in my journal at random.  Today happened to be on the lab puppies page.  :D

Hope you enjoy 'em!


Alex said...

Lovely page! The puppies are so adorable, and they definitely make a beautiful journal page.

Alex said...

MyYeeha sounds like FUN indeed. I don't see a lot of BMW motorcycles here in the US, lots of Harleys but yeah... the GS really is something! I don't ride but I know something about the technical bits.

nanke's stuff said...

Very cute little pups! Ya gotta just love 'em! nancy