Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 2 AND 3

Ok, so it took me more than one day to finish.  Not sure if it counts, but oh well.

We went to see "Avatar 3-D" in the theatre, and was blown away.  It was SPECTACULAR!  So, when it became available on BluRay, we had to get it.  On the smaller screen, it was easier to follow the story and take in the entire thing, and it was just as cool.

So of course, I had to draw Neytiri.  :)  My poor little journal's pages started to reject the amount of graphite.  Oh well, hope you like her!


jaklost said...

OMG!!! avatar does rock, and you are very good at drawing!! Have you ever though about making a drawing tutorial.

Revelle said...

That's awesome!