Thursday, October 30, 2008


What is it about Halloween we all love so much? Being a chocoholic, first thing that obviously comes to mind is candy. But there's so much more.

For me, it's always marked the beginning of the "holiday" season. From here out, it's a mad rush to get ready. Put up Halloween decorations, take 'em down. Put up Thanksgiving decorations, take 'em down. Put up Christmas decorations, (nag DH to put up outside lights), take 'em down.

I tried to forgo all this madness last year, focusing more on the meaning of each holiday. And it was very nice. No last minute running to the store for more whatever. No decorations. (OK, maybe a few...) And spending more happy time with family. What a huge relief!

But tradition is a funny thing. It gets into you at a very early age, and becomes almost like a drug. If you don't do a certain thing the same way, there's a weird feeling that creeps into your peripheral vision, like a ghost, whispering that something's missing.

So, as much as I grouse about the number of lights and ornaments I "have" to put on the tree, all the food that we make/eat, all the deadlines to be met, I might honor my personal traditions again this year.

But not as extreme as in past years. Just to keep those "whispers" away.

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