Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is it REALLY October??

My calendar "says" it's time to get the sweaters and jeans out of storage, and to pack up the shorts and t-shirts. But it was almost 100 degrees here yesterday...

I live in Northern California, and it's been just too hot for me this summer. Seems like everyone is SO ready for Fall... just wish it'd hurry up.

Ok, enough grousing. I'm new to blogging... (sounds like something computer engineers do with a cat o' nine tails).

A little about me, though I think this all probably belongs somewhere else. I'm married to one of those computer engineers who turns out to be a real sweetie, and we have a pretty cool 14 year old boy.

I am a web designer who, because of getting "redeployed" a year ago, has struck out on her own. And I'm an artist. There's a lot of debate as to what the definition of an artist is, but I think it's for each person to decide. I think after I get a few drawings posted, you might disagree with me.

I've just joined the moly_x_portrait3 group, and needed a place to post the pics I do. So here I go... nothing yet, but soon.

Please be gentle.

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