Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Creative Every Day

In the right column, you'll see a cute square icon that says "Creative Every Day 2013".  More than a cute icon, it's a challenge to be creative every day.  And to post about it.

If you know me, I've not always been terrific about following up on such challenges, but I've been making a lot of changes in the past year.  So...

I've been doing my "Daily 10" (writing every day in my journal for 10 minutes) and I realize I'm pretty creative in my life.  I just don't blog about all of it.  And it's not always art-related.  You might see some  unusual kinds of things, but in my mind, it's creative.

Here's today's creativity...

Yeah, doesn't look like much, but it's the first 2 signatures for my next journal.  And, it's some new paper I'm trying...Utrecht American Master's Printmaking Paper.   It's a nice weight, and should take all kinds of media (yet to test it!!).  And, since there's a Utrecht here in Sacramento, I could purchase it by the sheet.  AND it's on SALE!!!  :D

Paper is fun.  

So, the next couple of days will probably be filled with bookbinding stuff.  Thanks for bearing with me.  :D

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