Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too Tight!!

I've been realizing that in my effort to capture a likeness I've been painting (and drawing) WAY too tight! Probably part of my colored pencil days when a painting can take up to 300 hours. But I've been working on this painting my my Grandma (see earlier post) and I'm STILL working on it. In fact, none of the paintings I started are completed. I've been fussing over the details.

So, earlier this week, a friend, Susanne, lent me 2 DVDs and a book. All on what she calls "loosey goosey" style of painting. Wow... no one uses size 1 or 0 paintbrush to achieve fine details around the eyes and mouth! No one uses a fan brush to blend skin tones! Stand back.... IT'S A REVELATION!!!!

So, I've broken out some new canvases, and am anxious to try it out. But my left brain is arguing... "Finish what you start".
'sigh'..... ok.

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lyn said...

ALL my artist friends want to loosen up!!It seens when you have spent 10 to 40 years learning to paint or draw realistic the place to go is loose and free. It does feel great. However one friend finds the struggle of freedom and new ways of painting frustrating and truely is at her best as a realist (I don't mean photorealism.) The wonderful thing about art is that its an unending cotinium of learning.Explore and have fun. You may find the most satisfaction in your "old" way of working!
Your workis great! Thanks for the comment on my post about wire!