Monday, February 1, 2010

Some old stuff, some WIP

Wow, February. Why does time seem to speed up the older we get?? I'll bet it's some weird "space-time continuum" thing. ;)

I'm back to painting, and I've got a few things in progress. Plus, when we traveled home to Spokane for the holidays, I took pictures of paintings I've done for my Mom. So, a few older pieces and then my WIP.

Colored Pencil

Teddy and Tahoe

Now the WIPs. I love oils, but since our house is small, I just can't do them inside. So I decided to try Water Soluble Oils, and wow! they're really Cool!! So, the first one is from a black and white photo of my Grandma, when she was probably in her early/mid 20's.


And another in water soluble oils.
A dangerous girl!!

Please remember, both Grandma and the "Dangerous girl" are both works in progress!!

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Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

you have a really good understanding of perspective, composition and colour values. Grandma is very well painted! Kudos.