Sunday, October 7, 2012

Visual Animals

I saw the below on the Zentangle site, and wanted to share it.  I truly believe many of us are visual animals, some more than others.

School, especially math, was difficult for me to grasp until I associated colors with the numbers.  One is blue, two is green, etc, etc.

Anything I could visualize, I could understand.  Ok, I could get "a + b = c", but with some of the more "exotic" equations were totally beyond my grasp.  And, often, I honestly couldn't see ever using some of these equations in real life.

I mean, really!!????

So, take a look, and enjoy!!

And, just a bit of what's up.  I'm taking a terrific Color Theory at Folsom Lake College from Heike Schmid.   It's tougher than I'd thought, but necessary to finish my AA in Studio Art.  Along with being a visual learner, it's always been easier to learn things in a class, rather than from books.  Guess so many questions pop up while reading a book that are never answered.

Not just basic color theory, like the primary, secondary and tertiary colors (like this)

but all the tints, shades and tones too.  And how to mix those suckers from scratch.  Lots of trial and error, and even more "grr...  why in the world am I taking this STUPID class" but it'll all come together.  I know it will.  Every class I've taken from Heike always starts out like this.  Total frustration and a ton of work.  But,   "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."  -Colin Powell

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