Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally, back in the saddle again...

After a couple of years off, I decided to take another art class.  Yeah, I know, the perpetual student.  But, honestly, I love the energy of the classroom.  It's challenging, and I find I push myself a lot more.  I love the different perspectives of all the different teachers, and learn so much from each.

I'm taking Figure Drawing... and will be posting my work soon.

One thing I've noticed over the past few years is the obvious lack of focus or drive from the 'kids' today.  They come to class unprepared, most haven't purchased the basic supplies and 'expect' to borrow from classmates.  Amazing.

And disrespect for the professors.  Talking while she's giving instruction, arriving late (up to an hour late!!!) and disrupting class with their smart phones.

I promise not to get on my soap-box.  Much.  Were the 'kids' of my generation raised so much differently?  Ok, enough, don't get me started......  ;)

Even given all that, I'm enjoying the class a great deal, and each week brings something totally new.  Thank you, professor Heike Schmid!!



Sara said...

Sherry, this is Sara from your Moly_x_Portrait group. I have your moleskine and have tried contacting you various ways, but haven't heard anything back! Would you like me to send it on to you or try and find who's next in line? And if it's the former, what's your new address? You can message me at:

Sara said...

Hi, Sherry! I sent out your journal a few weeks ago, so I anticipate it should be getting to you soon!