Friday, December 19, 2008

Moly x 3 Portraits, so far

I seem to go in cycles. For a while, I make journals and other book structures like crazy. Then, I get enough of that and have to return to basics, drawing. Which is what I've been doing lately. I joined the Moleskine Portait group, in which you draw yourself, then send to the next person on the list. They must draw you and themselves, and send on to the next person.
So, here's the portrait I did of myself....

(Yes Kathleen, the pic makes me look WAY younger than I really am.)
The next one is the work-in-progress for the next person on the list, Albina.

and in a burst of insane creativity (maybe it was the cold medicine...) here's the finished Moly I'm sending to the next person on the list.

So, thankfully, I don't have anymore portaits on my plate. yet..... :D
Happy, Sane, Holidays!


winna said...

I really love the way you tackled your page---just so creative and "you"

sddonlon said...

Hi Winna,
Thanks for the comment! It was one of those "in the groove" moments!

Lis said...

Achei muito interessante a mistura que você faz com lapis e computador, muito criativa, parabéns, vou voltar mais vezes, estou te add., abraços da Lis